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From the Founders

Anthony and Joe have been some of the most incredibly helpful advisors and investors we’ve met on our journey. Putting aside the fact that their newsletter and podcast are essential for the industry, the minds behind it are some of the most connected and insightful out there. I would strongly recommend any entrepreneur, investor, or even job-seeking reach out and work with them.

Krisna Bhargava
Founder & CEO, Arena

I met Joe and Anthony while fundraising and immediately clicked with their philosophy and approach to fitness and wellness. During due diligence, I couldn’t help but think that these guys were the exact voices this industry has been starved of since I entered it 15 years ago. Be it investors or content producers, these guys are the real deal.

Aaron De Jong
Founder & CEO, movr

Anthony and Joe are the kind of investors everyone hopes to have. Their understanding of the fitness landscape and their vast network is incredibly valuable to founders. Their insights helped shape our fundraising narrative and our ability to close our most recent round in a tough market. And when they go to bat for us, it works! I would recommend them as an investor and advisor to any founder in the space.

Kim Ang
Co-founder & CEO, KAYA Climb

I can directly connect a part of the Any Distance story to following the work and insights of Anthony and Joe of Fitt Insider. Their domain knowledge is unrivaled and helped educate me on where we could really build something special in the space. When we decided to raise money for Any Distance, to pursue a vision and not just a passion project, Fitt Insider was the first call we made. Since then its been powerful and personable support that has only further validated our choice to go for it.

Luke Beard
CEO and Designer Founder, Any Distance

As a founder in the health & wellness industry, there’s truly no better investor to have in your camp than Anthony Vennare. He’s a builder who’s been in the trenches before and can empathize & offer advice at every step of the journey. And as a fitness industry operator, he’s incredibly well connected and well versed in the field. He’s the textbook definition of a value add on your cap table and is a kind, high integrity guy too. It’s a no-brainer bringing him on your team.

Nick Stewart
Co-founder & CEO, Recover Athletics

Working with Anthony and Joe has been a wonderful experience. From day one, they’ve shown genuine care for the company and well being of its founders. Their market understanding of healthcare and wellness is unparalleled. They will answer your calls and stick their neck out for you. I have complete trust in their abilities and highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their company.

Peter Arian
Founder & CEO, Juna


We’re Anthony and Joe Vennare — brothers, founders, and the team behind Fitt Capital.

On a mission to help people live healthier lives, we’ve spent our entire careers building health and fitness companies.

Now, leveraging industry expertise, an extensive network, and the Fitt Insider platform, we partner with passionate founders transforming well-being.


> What sectors do you invest in?

We invest broadly across the entire sector of health, fitness, and wellness. 

  • Nutrition & Obesity: metabolic health, food-as-medicine, lifestyle medicine
  • Aging Well: healthspan extension, longevity, improve quality of life
  • Healthcare 2.0: proactive/personalized care, incentivize healthy behavior
  • Fitness & Active Lifestyle: IRL/digital exercise; recreation/adventure sports
  • High Performance: health optimization, wearables, data-driven insights
  • Eliminating Stigma: mental wellness, women’s health, condition-specific care
> What's your stage and check size?

We focus on Pre-seed and Seed investments with check sizes from $50K -$500K.

> How do you help companies?

With deep knowledge of the industry, we help founders refine their product, positioning, and value proposition to achieve product/market fit. 

Tapping our network and leveraging our platform, we unlock access and accelerate distribution to key customers, strategic partners, and potential investors. 

More than a check, given the opportunity, we hope to be your most impactful investor, from providing guidance and support to helping land partners/customers and secure follow-on funding.

> What is your investment process and how long does it take?

Here’s how we work:

  1. Email us the full deck and a brief background on the founders
  2.  If there’s interest, we’ll schedule an initial call
  3. If we move forward there’s a call with the full team
  4. Then a final round of follow-up questions via email
  5. From there, expect a prompt reply and decision

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