Backing driven health and fitness founders

From capital to industry expertise and ongoing support, we partner with mission-driven startups redefining well-being.
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An activity company built across fun digital and physical experiences.
The Climber's App
Obe Fitness
The best live & on-demand fitness
The all-in-one fitness management software
True Medicine
Save money on health expenses
Recover Athletics
The recovery app for runners
The first generation of private fitness spaces
Relationship wellness for the modern couple
The complete mobile smart gym
Bringing human connection to digital personal training.
Digital platform to keep you moving at every age
Wellbeing benefits for the modern workforce
Revolutionizing Clinical Care for Gen Z & Gen Alpha
A telehealth clinic for men's obesity
Single photo calorie tracking
Bird & Be
The future of home fertility
Creating a digital tools for fitness creators.
Your daily movement and mobility app
The first tool built for walking meetings


We’re Anthony and Joe Vennare — brothers, founders, and the team behind Fitt Capital.

On a mission to help people live healthier lives, we’ve spent our entire careers building health and fitness companies.

Now, leveraging industry expertise, an extensive network, and the Fitt Insider platform, we partner with passionate founders transforming well-being.


> What sectors do you invest in?

We invest broadly across the entire sector of health, fitness, and wellness. 

From physical activity to nutrition and mental wellness to at-home lab testing, we look for personalized, accessible, and engaging solutions redefining every aspect of well-being.

> What's your stage and check size?

We focus on Pre-seed and Seed investments with check sizes from $50K -$500K.

> How do you help companies?

With deep knowledge of the industry, we help founders refine their product, positioning, and value proposition to achieve product/market fit. 

Tapping our network and leveraging our platform, we unlock access and accelerate distribution to key customers, strategic partners, and potential investors. 

More than a check, given the opportunity, we hope to be your most impactful investor, from providing guidance and support to helping land partners/customers and secure follow-on funding.

> What is your investment process and how long does it take?

Feel free to email us, send your deck and a brief intro. 

If there’s interest, we’ll schedule an initial call. If we move forward, an additional call and questions follow. A third call with all partners is the final step before an internal review.  Aftward, expect a prompt reply and decision.

> Can you share feedback from founders you've worked with?

Yes! You can see feedback from founders, partners, and other investors here

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